Friday, December 30, 2011



my mum is unwell, physically and spiritually..

To all, harap doakan my mum..


Friday, December 2, 2011

it has been a while

hai olls...

lama gilak x update.. hapa nk jadi nih.. ini namanya terlebih rajin buat keja nih.. huahuahua.. perasan much..

so to cut things short, things that have happened to me since my last entry.. in random order (wah mcm nk umum top 5 miss world lak.. kikiki.):

1. early october - finally, my status as contract worker has shifted to permanent (after 2yrs 9 mths).. alhamdulillah

2. november -
- keja.. keja.. keja.. g bintulu beli belacan.. hahaha..
- smpt bersosoal kejap.. g tony romas with shuk n nadia (guna groupon) super save, super awesome, super full (in d stomach)...

i guess thats about it... hahahaha.. so lame....... where the hell is my social life.. oh ye.. this month, satu famili akan buat family day (InsyaAllah), so hopefully i'll have the inner strength to update on that later.. 1st time nk buat family day so kinda excited.. will also update on our family day tshirts which i co-created.. supercute.. hahaha..

so i've finally updated my blog, so wat to do now?
hmmmmm...... i'll get back to u in a few weeks time then.. hehehe..