Friday, April 29, 2011

Fiona from Far Far Away~~

me... feeling like Fiona from Far Far Away (size wise.. huhuhu)

when will Shrek in shining armour come to rescue me..

huhuhuhu.. =p

lets eat~~ PAVVY

lets eat...

where to this time.. SERAI @ EMPIRE..

location: behind SUBANG PARADE..

the dish most looking forward to (actually the main reason my sis n i went there twice in 2 days) : PAVLOVA.. hehehehe...

reason: this is the 1st time i've eaten pavlova since leaving australia back in 1990.. the first bite took me back to when i was a kid living in sydney.. back then every function had pavlova as the dessert and i never really liked it that much.. but now... i'll take in as much i can get.. hahaha.. but one main diff is that the pavlova at serai is double portioned (one on top of the other) compared to the normal 1 inch pavvy i once knew.. but who cares.. the more the better.. hahahaha..

1st time : i had to pay = below rm100

2nd time: my sis paid = above rm100

hahahahahaha... that part i LIKE!!!